Moving Office or Factory
Planning an office or factory relocation can be one of the most stressful times in your business. How do you coordinate all your people, equipment, documents, stock, and everything else while maintaining the integrity of your business? If losing a week's worth of work is not an option, call us.

Piano Moving
We have over ten years of piano moving experience and we're fully insured from the time we first touch your valuable piano, to the time we carefully place it at your destination. Number 1 Moving moves all types of pianos, ranging from digitals to 9 foot concert grands and specialty pianos. We safely move pianos up or down flights of stairs, over flagstone pathways or up on to balconies. Our company takes extra special care so as not to scratch or damage your piano in any way.

Packing Services
Let our lady only, all female residential packing services provide a "woman" touch to every aspect of your home or business move.
Number 1's Professional Packing Services will completely pack your household items in a safe and organized manner.
We supply all necessary materials detailing every carton and contents.
Complete unpacking on all the local moves and removal of packing debris.
We also coordinate the loading and delivery.
Number 1 Professional Packing Services has been in the moving industry for more than 10 years. We understand how chaotic relocating can be. We are experts with a determination to lessen the tension and frustration associated with relocating. When you put your trust in Number 1 Professional Packing Services, rest assured, our first order of business would be to keep you focused and assist you in your relocation. Whether you're moving across the street or across a district Number 1 Professionals are the only call you need to make. Once we receive your request for a quote, you will receive a detailed estimate, including any additional services you may require, as quickly as possible.
When the moving dates are set and you are ready to relocate, we supply all the necessary material to completely pack all your household items in a safe and organized manner. Each carton once packed is labeled with the prior room location; future room location and the contents are detailed if necessary. Cartons are packed ready to move to a storage location or straight to your new residence/business location.
Each woman on our professional team of packers has been personally hired and trained. With rich experience in this business, we are truly blessed to have this wonderful crew of dedicated, loyal and trustworthy ladies working by my side on a daily basis!!
The ladies on my team are young lady, mothers and grandmothers. Each one understands the important care that must be given when dealing with personal private property. We put as much care into packing the contents of your everyday items as we do when individually wrapping your heirloom china.
We will set a time to come and meet with you and your family. We will do a complete walk-thru of your home. We will make an inventory of all the materials we will need and give you an estimate before we leave. We will also go over your options regarding which moving companies would suit your particular needs best. Whether you're moving across street or to a temporary residence with temporary storage. we will help you select the best moving package for your particular move. Number 1 also have four 5.5 trucks available to assist with loading and unloading all your belongings.

Services we provide:
COMPLETE PACKING AND UNPACKING: The most popular of these services is the packing service. We will arrange crew to come a day before your moving day to pack your belongings. If you need unpack services, this is the same associate who packed you now unpacks each carton in your new location. All moving carton contents are put away which allows you to enjoy your new surroundings virtually stress free and much sooner than you ever thought possible.
COORDINATE TRANSPORT COMPANY: We have many 5.5 trucks with lifting platform to load and transport your entire shipment to your new home or business location.
COORDINATE THIRD PARTY SERVICES: Choosing this service allows us to take care of critical last-minute details including but not limited to:
Disconnect washer/dryer, icemakers, etc. Disassemble tables, entertainment centers, exercise equipment, jungle gyms and waterbeds, for transport etc.
Crating service for marble tops, glass tops, Oil paintings, motorcycles, aquariums, virtually anything you have can be crated to move.
PERSONAL ASSISTANT: Helps you organize and/or down size prior to your moving day.
PROPERTY REMOVAL: Will remove all charitable donations, i.e. clothing, furniture, appliances, etc.
FULL CLEANING SERVICE: Number 1 also has a cleaning service; once the home is empty we do a complete cleaning from top to bottom to make it ready for the new owners.
It is our desire to make your move to your new home/business location as effortless as possible. We are pleased to offer these options to you. Each service is available to you whether you enlist them all or choose just one!


In the moving process, you may find furniture that may not fit your new home. We can dump it for you. Contact our estimator for details.

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